As described, our bistro is located in the center of the holiday park, in the same building as the reception. The bistro is only accessible to guests of the Gehlberg holiday park. We hope that it will be a meeting place where you will feel very welcome, contact us anytime for tips and tricks and meet other guests.

Until the moment comes when we can hire a cook, we cook for our guests. We are not professionals, we cook simple but lovingly prepared meals with naturally fresh ingredients. Since we do not have fixed arrival and departure days, the opening of the bistro changes according to our time. This means that by default it is not open 7 days a week. But we look as far as possible to the wishes of our guests. When you arrive at the park, you will find all the information you need at reception. Since we are not professionals, as I said, a prior reservation for the meal is required. Even if we organize a barbecue evening together, for example, a reservation is required in advance. This is possible at the reception. However, for drinks and a snack, you can always come in without a reservation and have a good time together.

In connection with our bread delivery service, we have the reception and the mini market open in the morning from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. If we are there ourselves and you would like a cup of coffee, for example, you can always ask us.